There's Your Sign!

Few occasions in life are as noteworthy, as memorable, as a family road trip. What is born as the idealistic parents’ dream of a thrilling adventure celebrated by many hours of family bonding in (what may be kindly referred to as) a “cozy proximity,” just as swiftly advances into reality; a handful of sleep deprived monsters gradually invading each others personal space (a concept that finds itself relocated out the window as the hours painstakingly crawl by) alongside the endless tirade of “are we there yet?,” it’s “too hot,” “too cold,” “too loud,” “too long,” “too lame,” and one sandwich too few.
And thus; the simple rotation of the tires as they kiss each mile goodbye and the advancing on to fresh soil is reason enough to cheer! Celebratory road trip landmarks include Rest Areas, (their glorious rest rooms) and the changing of the speed limit from bustling cities to rural country sides. Undeniably however, the grandest sight of all is the enormous border sign, your visual greeting upon foreign land.
While certain welcome sign designs aim for ’colorful and fun’ or ‘pretty’ others seem to attract attention for their humor, sarcasm, even self-deprecation. These are with the intent of hooking their readers attention (specifically, shaking a dozing Dad out of his road tripping.) These road signs evoke a deep appreciation because they signify a journey in progress, a symbol of imminent achievement. Needless to say, the warmest welcome of all is the eventual stumble upon one’s own home town, specifically, the Welcome to New York sign – in all of its grandeur…Now there’s your sign!
Welcome to Oklahoma
Atlantic City

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