Signs you're on your way out

Among the many curiosities in this world are the exit signs in Britain, a Country which has proudly done away with this simple Latin word, and has had it replaced with the all-too-proper “way out” sign. As an American, one cannot help but speculate as to why this phenomenon exists, as in; why England cannot help but prove to be consistently more posh than we are.
The simplest explanation for this occurrence is that “way out” is a phrase spoken universally by the classic English speaker, and so Britain had simply aimed for the less dramatic choice of the two.
Additionally, “way out” signs were created in England in the time prior to the safety regulation laws that had been passed, requiring “exit” signs in buildings. And although these “exit” signs are concise and easy to recognize, the “way out” sign just seemed to stick around, probably for the sake of the tourists, and for its historical interest.

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