Signs to pop the question

There is something to be said in regard to the man who possesses the undeniable courage to pop the big question to his significant other through the use of public commercial signage such as roadway billboards and message boards, or on the gigantic screen at a baseball game, attracting the attention of the many thousands of energetic attendees.
In essence this gesture is a beautiful one, a grand professing of a man’s love for another being. Yet one cannot help but imagine just how quickly the motion could spiral downhill, should the one proposed to respond in the negative. We’re talking about humiliation on the grandest scale, the likes of which one should never have to face. It can be assumed that a man wouldn’t ask the question should he not already have his answer, yet the slightest lingering possibility of rejection will always exist. Regardless of this, there are so many willing to take the leap of faith, and not just simply, but publicly.
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