Signs to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is far from just a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the yearly harvest. At this auspicious time of year, it is crucial that one take his or her time to note the various forms of signage that bring forth great pleasure and entertainment throughout the course of one’s daily routine.
Perhaps it’s the rug on which you rest your feet before exiting the house on the way to work in the early morning. Do the words staring back at you bring on a grin that lasts all the way until you’ve reached the car door? You begin your journey, only to stop off a few minutes later to grab a cup of coffee from a nearby shop, in an attempt to shake off the lingering fatigue. You approach the store and are greeted by an ironic note posted to the door, and again you appreciate the little things. Then once again you are on the road, now sitting in traffic with a nine o’clock meeting to catch, and you are nothing short of panicking. Presently, you notice the illuminated sign that someone had fun with that morning, and once again a little light wiggles its way into your day.
After one of those endless work days, where the only thing on your mind is a shower and bed, you gather your belongings and head for home. Passing the incredible three dimensional sign looming before you on the freeway, you gaze in wonder, and as always, it takes your breath away.
Today is indeed a day to give thanks for all of the wonderful signage serving our imaginations and our sense of humor, in our everyday lives.

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