Signs in Motion

Though moving picture billboards remain a fascination in all of their radiant, eye-catching glory, one cannot help but speculate as to how many near collisions occur in their presence on a given day. Authority figures are too focused on chasing after those sneaky and rebellious persons who are very discretely using their cellular devices while driving to notice what may perhaps serve as an even greater disturbance and threat to the easily distracted driver.
A gigantic electronic billboard located between Brooklyn, NY and Manhattan is a prime example of this preposterous oversight. The many times my family ventured along this route throughout my childhood remain a distinct memory. Due to the endless traffic, we’d be at a standstill with hundreds of other vehicles, idling away many hours at that particular intersection.

As a child, I looked forward to the buildup of traffic in New York City. It meant that my eyes could remain glued to the enormous screens, which would serve as roadside entertainment. But unfortunately, I was not the only affected target. We’d observe the cars beside us slowly roll forward in order to keep up with the crawling traffic, as the driver’s eyes would remain preoccupied by the flashing colors of some movie trailer playing on the New York road signs. Suddenly he or she would be jolted to a stop, tires screeching to a halt just mere inches from the bumper of the car in front of them. My parents would sit then, eyes wandering between the moving picture and the road ahead, discussing what terrible distraction the ads caused, and the damage that could potentially occur at any given moment.

Needless to say, it is safer to view these ads here, than whilst driving…

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