Signs and Sculptures of NYC

Though they may feel more at home in the über-elitist and over-cultured world of sophisticated art, and even if they would rather be mentioned in connection with Manet, Monet and Picasso, the fact remains that both commercial and building signs do share an intrinsic, albeit obscure, bond with their their distant and far more cosmopolitan cousins, the Sculptures.
The differences between Sculptures and Signs are indeed vast, so much so as to discourage any public linking of the two families, never mind the prideful sculptures strict refusal to ever been seen in public while fraternizing with the likes of an illuminated sign or, heaven forbid, a neon sign.
Nevertheless, the two are distantly related, and it is in tribute to this familial bond that we bring you today’s post concerning a selection of Sculptures, beginning with those found right here in new york city.
new york signs and sculptures
manhattan signs and sculptures
new york city signs and sculptures
new york signs and sculptures
new york signs and sculptures

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