Sign Desgin Trends in Manhattan and NYC

As a Manhattan based signage company,  we are constantly on the lookout for new graphic and design trends in the ever changing global marketplace. In an effort to keep ahead of the curve and to be able to offer our customers the very latest in commercial sign design and manufacturing concepts and technology, keeping up with what’s trendy is not only a favorite hobby of ours but also a responsibility that we take very seriously indeed.
So, without further ado, here’s whats trending…
Minimalism, simplicity and flexibility – many articles seem to agree on these key words to describe the next ‘trendy’ design in 2014. If you thought that ‘go simple’ was already trendy last year, prepare yourselves for an even more minimalist approach this year. The key difference is that what used to be ‘trendy’ last year will be a ‘must’ this year. So get ready for minimalist design trends to absolutely dominate from now on.
Think latest iPhone software update. And it seems that other mega-brands are following suite, just take a look at these old-new logo comparisons…
commercial signage design trends
Simplified Shapes
Leading fashion trend forecast and analysis company, Stylesight, recently sought out fresh art and graphic design trends that represent the direction of today’s graphic designers. fter attending the Berlin-based art conference, which included lectures, animation screenings, contemporary character designer and exhibitions from more than 50 international artists, Stylesight pinpointed current graphic design and illustration styles like the one described below dubbed “Simplified Shapes.”
“Clean solid shapes carry an element of bold simplicity,” states Stylesight in its Lifestyle & Culture report.
Negative Space
While white and negative spaces have always been a popular design tool (and topic among designers), the technique seems to be making more of a comeback. Clean design schemes are in, more sites are using breakpoints in responsive design frameworks and there is a new found focus on readability and user experience. All of these things lead designers to the ultimate simple design tool – white space.

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