Shake up that signage

The rain must feel inferior to the snow since it always gets less attention. In an attempt to create awareness of it, heavy rainstorms have been frequent in the tri state area in recent days- a lovely accompaniment to the welcomed summertime.
Of course, there are those who appreciate a good storm. Not being caught in one with their brand new leather jacket per say, but simply observing the rain through a large window and enjoying the rhythmic beat it makes as it dances along the window pane. To others in lower elevations, rain is less pleasant. The pitter-patter signifies flooding, mildewing carpets, and wooden floor repairs. These people wouldn’t wish heavy rainstorms on even their worst enemy.
To Eagle Master Signs however, heavy rainstorms signifies the possibility of damage to professionally designed signage, and so all is done to ensure that EMS signs can withstand a few showers, and never wind up looking like these…

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