Scattered Signage

There is something to be said regarding misplaced road signage. Have you ever stumbled upon a traffic sign that unexpectedly fell victim to a car accident, or even a careless cyclist, so that its original message has taken on an entirely different meaning? I refer to the “Sidewalk closed. Cross here” sign that received just enough force from a passing vehicle so that the sign had shifted a little to its left. Just enough to have its arrow no longer pointing at the traffic-coned detour, but at the rapid waves dancing in the river below. Please, for my entertainment; go ahead and “cross here.”
I’ve always enjoyed spotting these out-of-place signs, particularly when the result of its unplanned location is laughter which would never have been roused otherwise. There is a beautiful lake twenty minutes from the town in which I was raised. Many Sundays of my childhood were spent visiting the lake, and its adjoining Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center. On one such visit, the “Lake Entrance” sign had been flipped on its side, so that the arrow pointed not to the actual entry, but to a large puddle within the asphalt. Let me tell you, the lake was making quite the entrance that day.
On the topic of hysterical oversights, the sign reading “Danger: Falling Rock Zone” having been posted, not on the gate of entry to the construction site, but on its portable joy of white and blue, commonly known as a Johnny On The Spot.
My conclusion is this: When nature takes its own course and casually evades the systematic formation of man’s plan; life just gets wittier.



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