Ineffective Airport Signs

Perhaps the most crucial of all commercial signage are the ones standing within our cities airports in an attempt to direct the heavy traffic and guide each and every breed of driver, many of which have vastly varying IQ’s.
One of the reasons why airports can be infuriating is because of the lack of clarity among the directories, arrows, and flashing signs. Because of this oversight, few airports I’ve visited have impressed me.
Recently, I had a flight out of the biggest airport in the country, and just a few weeks later, a flight out of the busiest airport as well. One would think that an airport which provides the most options for connecting flights, and is therefore deemed the busiest, would have every single sign in order, down to the most insignificant bathroom instruction signage. Yet I found myself on both accounts standing clueless, floating between what they call the “North and South” Baggage claim, trying for the life of me to discover which I had to head toward, and even more concerning, why there had to be two baggage claims in the first place. I mean, isn’t the same activity going down at both? Or perhaps the two have varying colored carousels? This is what I call unnecessary confusion.
Lucky for those whom find themselves with the responsibility of creating directional signs which properly indicate a foreigner’s route, Eagle Master Signs is here to serve. Proper sign design and careful wording ensure that all those such as myself who tend to wander airport terminals looking for an actual human to assist, are directed with simplicity and ease. By taking care to achieve this, we can save the world, one airport at a time.

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