In the Name of Signs!

““Set sail”, my heart cries. “Follow thence.
T’wil surely guide to shore”.
Yet speed I’ve not. I fall behind.
The sign I see no more.”
– The Sign, by Jeff Bresee
Let the Blogging Begin.
Welcome to the comprehensive, “all things Sign related” blog. Where we hope to conduct interesting and informed discussions, for the casual reader and sign-enthusiast alike, on the topic of signage, their influence, design, contemporary and historical significance.
Ok, I know what your thinking, “a blog about signs? really?!”, but I assure you, there are plenty of fascinating, informative and incredibly engaging sign related discussions out there just waiting be to be had by the greater sign-making and sign-seeking community. Don’t believe me? Consider the following:
The Soul of a Sign.
-by me.
In the vast, imposing concrete jungle of the modern world, where one may wander the many mazes of life and be confronted at every turn with endless diverging paths, each one a confusing tangle of options and choices, and each with a thousand different voices all vying for your attention, it is here where we look to the clarity and direction that only a signpost can provide. The Sign is your direction. The Sign is your Salvation. Embrace the Sign, and it shall guide you.
Hmmm… too much? Sorry, sometimes I get a little carried away…
But seriously, prepare to gain a whole new perspective on the world of signs.
Let the good times roll…

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