Digital Building Directory Signage

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Ladies and gentlemen… Introducing the very latest and greatest in the ever evolving world of building signs… A revolutionary signage design that is guaranteed to change the way we look at and think about signs forever…
This technology is a great way to manage your building digital directory and communicate with your tenants with a smooth, intuitive interface that allows for easy updating and maintenance.
Eagle Masters building digital directory solutions are efficient and cost effective for building managers who want to electronically post their tenants locations and communicate vital messages to them. Building managers can tailor their building’s digital directory specifically to their environment. Building managers are able to manage the tenants information and via simple web interface without the need to engage third parties to manage the change or change physical signs.
Some of the signage content & format possibilities:Digital Building Directory

  1. Building facilities and events schedules
  2. Daily announcements related to maintenance
  3. Special social announcements and Community Sponsors Notifications
  4. Help tenants get more involved
  5. Special recognition of certain sponsors
  6. General information
  7. Weather, Breaking News, Sports
  8. Bilingual

Additional Benefits:

  1. Green, cost effective solution
  2. Provides timely information to visitors
  3. Large flat panel or interactive formats
  4. Optional multi-lingual display
  5. Silent mode or background music
  6. Off the shelf hardware
  7. Integration with emergency handling
  8. Incredible revenue generating and cost saving potential

Our teams of specially trained technicians are available to install and service our digital signs anywhere. Our network of building digital directories and signs is supported in elevators, kiosks, restaurants, bars, main foyers and tenant desktops all across North America. As part of our commitment to our customers, we understand that it is critical  that the network is running 24 hours a day and that our systems continually deliver rich interactive messaging to high quality, professionally maintained displays. Our operations center monitors our network of displays 24×7 and can dispatch the appropriate technician to resolve any issue quickly.
So give us a call at 212-532-2469 or email us at and we would be more than happy to give you additional information or answer any questions you may have.

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