Colorful car signs

For all of the obvious reasons, spending time in Central Park could keep one entertained for many hours on end. NYC is quite the fascinating place. The people are interesting. The clothing are interesting. The smells are interesting. But what I’ve come to notice in recent days is that the vehicles themselves are of utmost interest.
Of course ten in every ten cars has got some sort of scratch, gash, or smash- one can expect nothing less when parallel parking is constantly attempted in significantly less space than is physically possible for one’s vehicle to settle down in. However, what is even more captivating are some of the absolutely wacky car signs and designs, decorations, window art, and advertisements that parade around the streets of Manhattan in an attempt to influence its audience to purchase some product or another.
On one of those NYC-fascination days, I compiled the images of various car ads, to impress you, and perhaps inspire you, to utilize Eagle Master Sign Designs for all it is worth.


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