Bathed in Bumper Sticker Signage

Many summer’s ago I attended a day camp in Northern California. What began as a last minute rainy day improvised activity of the children creating personalized bumper stickers turned out to be one of the greatest hits of the Summer as far as throw-together activities go. The children would decorate car signs according to their own unique abilities and style, and whilst some really mastered the art of neat sign design and message legibility, others seemed to lack the particular skill set.
At some point during the bumper sticker activity one day, a camper asked for permission to create a sign for the camp van. Assuming this to be an innocent request, she was told that she may. Perhaps an hour had passed before us counsellors quit the chatting among ourselves to wrap up the activity and call it a day. As we left the camp grounds once the children had all been picked up, we were greeted by the sight of our camp van, covered in enough bumper stickers to leave it safe to assume that every child in camp had contributed to mass of colorful “artwork.” Needless to say, the stickers were very difficult to remove and would have taken us many hours of hard work, and so we opted for driving that ridiculous van all throughout the remainder of the summer, and with only a little shame.
Since then, any time I notice a car on the roadway that is plastered with what appears to be every bumper sticker under the sun, I can’t help but marvel at the vehicle’s owner, whose desire it was to opt for such a telling form of self-expression.

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