Amazing Digital Signs I

With societies rapidly growing obsession with all things digital, the increasingly rapid advancement of digital signage technology should not come as much of a surprise. Incorporating digital signs into our environment in such a way as to dramatically influence our real world experience is no longer simply “on the horizon”, it’s actually here, with real-world implementations cropping up all around us.
Take the Passenger bar for example,
a new concept bar in Madrid, Spain that takes its guests on a journey throughout the world without ever leaving its foundation. Check it out…

The main area is designed to look and feel like a train cabin. To create the illusion of movement, three huge solid screens play the role of windows. They are constantly projected with synchronized and programmed videos that flow, from one screen to the next, just like in real life. The images have been recorded from train windows all over the world, presenting urban and nature landscapes that transport the clients into the fantastic experience of travel and leisure, pulling them away from the reality of the city around them.
The Passenger bar was put together by art designer Parolio, and is located in the trendy Malasaña/Triball neighborhood of Madrid. The new space, says Parolio’s website, occupies a long and narrow architectural structure which inspired Parolio to create the concept of: “A train constantly on the move, right in the center of the city.”
Pretty amazing huh.
Believe me my friends, ’tis only the beginning…

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