5 Ways Digital Signs Can Help Your Business

Engage Customers
In today’s technology driven society, where it seems that even the smallest of children own a smartphone, laptop and/or tablet, the mysterious and almost magical allure of advanced techno-gadgets is fast becoming a powerful medium through which to engage, impress and market virtually any form of merchandise to potential customers.
Hence the rapid rise of the latest and most revolutionary piece of modern marketing equipment; the digital sign.
In fact, a recent study conducted on modern consumer habits revealed the following impressive digital signage statistics:

  • 47% of viewers specifically recall seeing an ad on a digital display.
  • 19% percent of customers have made unplanned purchases after seeing an item on digital display
  • More than 2/3’s of business professionals report that advertisements on digital signage catch their attention, significantly higher than any other media avenue.
  • In most cases, the use of digital signs can produce an overall sales volume increase upwards of 30%.
  • 63% of people polled referred to digital signage as “eye-catching”.

Improve Employee Productivity
Preliminary studies have also shown that messages displayed on visually appealing digital signs are not only more likely to be noticed but their messages are also more likely to be registered and followed. Motivational and cautionary messages are therefore more likely to be followed by your employees when displayed digitally.
Enhance Your Image
The presence of advanced digital signs can change the entire flavor and visual impact of any storefront, showroom or office. The subliminal, suggestive influence of digital signs can go a long way towards impressing upon potential clients and customers the sophisticated nature of your operation.
Streamline Operations
The instantaneous nature of digital signage is such that changes, improvements and minor tweaks happen in real time. Effectively eliminating down-time, turn-over time and the lengthy delays associated with manually updating traditional commercial signs.
Cut Costs

Digital signs effectively eliminate the need for the costly creation of a new sign or graphic every time you wish to display a new message, thereby cutting costs and streamlining your graphic marketing campaign.

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