epic sign fails

Epic Sign Fails and Wins: Part I


epic signage fail

“Hey kids, don’t get out of the car just yet. Something just doesn’t feel right about your new school…
can’t quite put a finger on it… ah, what the heck, go have fun! See you when you get home…” said
absolutely no dad, ever.

epic school sign fail

Hmmm… hope the sign guy is invited too…

epic road sign fails

Typical bureaucratic embellishment; the road still exists officers. A 307 Temporary Redirect
or 403 Forbidden would have been more accurate.

epic hotel sign fails

Hey, on behalf of committed signage enthusiasts everywhere, I would like to commend the sign designers
responsible for this masterpiece for their blatant and brutal honesty.

epic school signage

See above literacy signage fail. Apply same comment here.

epic billboard sign

For all those looking for a sign from g-d…

epic home security fail

Not your typical lawn sign. Full points for creative ingenuity; though I wonder how the conversation
with said neighbor goes the first time he sees the sign… “hey, man…  ‘sup… oh, the sign… yeah, just keepin’ it real ya know…”

epic sign fails

LOL! really!? hey, here’s an idea, when you guys do finally convene, start the proceedings with a huge image
of this sign and then just have everybody sit there and… well, just sit there and look at it… for a long time…

epic foreign signs fail

You no fart round here. You go far to fart. No likey da smell. Konichiwa.

epic traffic signs fail

“Sorry officer, I was distracted by that colorful sign over there…”