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Big Signs, Little Minds

Children will believe everything they hear. Like-wise, in their wild imaginations there are no lies, no doubts, and not a trace of sarcasm or exaggeration to be found. Yet these tools are constantly used in parenting, skepticism and wit soaring […]

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Major Sign Wins and Fails

Throughout the incessant chaos of our daily lives we rely heavily on the signs around us to navigate roads, locate our destinations and understand rules and regulations. But what happens when good signage goes bad? Confusing signs, no matter how […]

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The History of Neon Signs in New York City

Home to all kinds of iconic landmarks and historic, trend-setting architectural features, the city of New York has long been the virtual epicenter of American culture and society. When neon signs first came to this country from across the pond, […]

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Sign Mistakes: Nelson Mandela, a.k.a Morgan Freeman

Signs are powerful mediums of communication, as such, it is highly advisable to be sure of your message before you begin broadcasting. As part of a series of memorials erected across the country of India in tribute to the recently […]

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Holiday Signs in New York City

As the calendar once again turns to the month of December, and outside, the gusty winds begin to howl their wintery welcome, the frosty air is once more filled with merriment and festive cheer as the holiday season approaches. The […]

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Signs of Thanksgiving: 3 sign types we are thankful for this year

Happy Thanksgiving to all, In one form or another, commercial signs have been around for just about as long as mankind can collectively recall. Renowned scholar and historian Dr. Wik I. Pedia, professor of anything-you-can-think-of at DotCom University, explains that […]

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