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Signs you’re just married

Nothing screams  “Just Married” louder than a couple of beer cans attached to one’s vehicle and loudly clanging as they bounce along the street. This old time tradition of creating a “Just Married” sign and attaching it to the bride […]

Crossing that Border Sign

Among the various forms of road signage to resemble a mind boggling oxymoron, the border crossing signs that are constructed in the space between two countries has got to be the most impressive of all. Even after the immigrants of […]

Snowfall Signs

Well, tis is indeed the season, and once again a winter wonderland forecast is well on its way for the upcoming week. Perhaps it is the year 2015’s way of making an entrance, as well as providing an answer to […]

Construction Site Signs

Major construction projects most often serve as an inconvenience to the typical passerby. In the classic case, one will be traveling in a furious attempt to make it to a specific destination at a time always too close to the […]

Sticky Signage

Well many are familiar with the good old stick figure family that has been given the prime position on the rear window of numerous vehicles ever since the beginning of time. These stickers are vinyl graphics, whose lettering and sign […]

Signs in the Waiting Room

Have you ever spent prolonged and excruciatingly uneventful periods of time sitting in spaces originally created with the intention of its occupants to do exactly that? An example to which I refer is the waiting room of a medical office.  […]

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