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Animal Crossing Signs

Among the many street signs which decorate our roadways are the traffic and crossing signs which are erected with the intention of ensuring safety in ones travels. Animal crossing signs in particular stand to notify the passerby of the animal’s […]

Park Signs of the times

It’s already mid December but for some reason the weather forecast never got the memo. With a glorious 70 degrees in central park, many New Yorkers are taking advantage of this unusually pleasant December weather and are spending the last […]

Signs right over the head

Amid my travels over the passed few years, I’ve discovered a phenomena that never fails to amuse me. I refer to the use of caution road signs to warn passerby’s of imminent danger, which are posted only in the language […]

Signs you’re on your way out

Among the many curiosities in this world are the exit signs in Britain, a Country which has proudly done away with this simple Latin word, and has had it replaced with the all-too-proper “way out” sign. As an American, one […]

Signs of the Doc’s office

Should one ever take a moment out of the many hours spent sitting in a doctor’s office doing absolutely nothing with his or her time to take note of the lame decorations plastered all along the starch white office walls, […]

Bathed in Bumper Sticker Signage

Many summer’s ago I attended a day camp in Northern California. What began as a last minute rainy day improvised activity of the children creating personalized bumper stickers turned out to be one of the greatest hits of the Summer […]

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