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Signs on the decal

It’s always a pleasant surprise when one encounters a vehicle on the roadway which is decked out in decals and serving as visual entertainment for the many passersby. One of my family’s oldest road trip games was calling attention those […]

Signs of youth

It is not uncommon to spot various forms of business signage posted in regard to children, which are often times quite comical. On one of my annual visits down in Georgia, I visited impressive wild life safari, whose welcoming banner […]

Signs you take a double take

Often times one may encounter a business sign which appears to be ordinary, however upon taking a double take it is discovered that the message is in fact irrational, or else utterly ridiculous. An example of this is a sign […]

Signs of Valentines

The fourteenth of February was established to be a day celebrated by expressing feelings of love and appreciation towards one’s significant other.  Society hypes up this Hallmark holiday by displaying hearts and roses and sweet chocolates everywhere one looks, and […]

Out of order signs

The nightmare of my childhood was a business sign. Often scribbled onto white loose leaf paper and tacked onto the slurpee dispensing machine at our local Quick Chek. Three words. Three words that had the power to steal away my […]

Snow Covered Signs

Shame on all of the time invested in making those mental and physical preparations for the nor’easter that was supposedly hitting the tri state area over this past week. The anticipated twenty four inch snow storm arrived on the scene […]

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