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Signs your in NYC

Summer days are easily filled with entertainment in New York City, and it is most certainly difficult to run out of things to do in what is one of the world’s most action-packed cities. Endless summer days can be spent […]

Library Signs

Visitations to the town’s public library was a frequent experience in my childhood. We’d pile in the car after school and head over to the center of town to spend the remaining afternoon hours lost among the shelves that carried […]

Signs you’re being watched

One often finds his or herself in places which are being monitored by a video surveillance system. Be it in a department store, supermarket, or even one’s home. Whilst most video cameras are set up in places with the intention that […]

Signs your protesting

I became a rabble-rouser for the first time when I was fourteen years old. Decked in red white and blue stickers and holding a sign that let the world know I was officially protesting, I attended my very first rally. […]

Signs that say I do

Among the billboards on display throughout my drive home from work each day, one in particular remains a standout. Indeed, It is one which I often take the time to notice. A local jeweler seems to be consistently on his […]

Signs written wrong

Regardless of the frequency in my noting accidental spelling or punctuation error on a business signs, I never fail to be utterly mind boggled. You’d think that a man whose job is as complex as simply printing out a total […]

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