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Lyft your glass to signage!

Many have heard of Lyft, a new mobile application which has created a person to person transportation network in America. What makes the company so unique is far from their easy-to-use application and the hassle-free connection of a person in need of a ride, with […]

Rap Signs in NYC

In an attempt to bring some such needed humor to the streets of major cities, a man named Jay Shells began the clever project of creating rap-lyrics street signs, all of which contain specific locations in New York, Los Angeles, […]

Logo Signs you’ve seen

There are many aspects involved in making a building sign or company logo most memorable. Consider the following collection of business logos, perhaps all of which are familiar to you. What is it about each logo that has made it […]

Hand-Painted Signs

Although Eagle Master Signs isn’t generally accustomed to being hired for the painting of graffiti signs which then adorn industrial buildings, never the less- some of the most outstanding signage and artwork ever created has been done through the use of a few bottles of […]

U.S.A. Signs- The 4th all year round

Eagle Master Signs sincerely hopes that all of our wonderful costumers out there had a fabulous Fourth of July. Additionally, we are here to inform you that although independence day came and went, one’s patriotism for our remarkable land must […]

Alternate Signs

To the many who cannot claim to be frequent visitors to the almighty New York City, the comical sight of two rows of vehicles parked along one side of a roadway on a random weekday afternoon, and stretches of empty […]

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