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Colorful car signs

For all of the obvious reasons, spending time in Central Park could keep one entertained for many hours on end. NYC is quite the fascinating place. The people are interesting. The clothing are interesting. The smells are interesting. But what […]

Ineffective Airport Signs

Perhaps the most crucial of all commercial signage are the ones standing within our cities airports in an attempt to direct the heavy traffic and guide each and every breed of driver, many of which have vastly varying IQ’s. One […]

labor day signs

Happy Labor Day From Eagle Master Signs!

On behalf of all of us here at Eagle Master Signs we would like to wish all our friends, followers and loyal customers a very happy, enjoyable and relaxing Labor Day. This unique national holiday, dedicated to the social and […]

apollo theater in NYC

Iconic Building Signs of New York City: The Apollo Theater

Another of the widely recognized and highly venerated building signs in New York City, the Apollo Theater‘s neo-Classical Illuminated Neon sign represents one of Americas most iconic entertainment establishments. Located in the storied Harlem neighborhood, the Apollo was declared an […]

NYC signage design trends

Sign Desgin Trends in Manhattan and NYC

As a Manhattan based signage company,  we are constantly on the lookout for new graphic and design trends in the ever changing global marketplace. In an effort to keep ahead of the curve and to be able to offer our […]

epic sign fails

Epic Sign Fails and Wins: Part I

  “Hey kids, don’t get out of the car just yet. Something just doesn’t feel right about your new school… can’t quite put a finger on it… ah, what the heck, go have fun! See you when you get home…” […]

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