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Taxi Signs

Circling a New York airport is no picnic. Between the constant honking, stopping, shouting and directing that goes down on a twenty four hour basis, one is usually exhausted, exasperated, and at a loss of patience ten minutes into the […]

Signs we be

What if we all came with a warning sign tattooed onto our foreheads notifying the incoming traffic and passersby of our deepest flaw in bold lettering? What would yours say? Steve Rosenfield asked precisely this question to hundreds of strangers, […]

Signs of the Doc’s office

Should one ever take a moment out of the many hours spent sitting in a doctor’s office doing absolutely nothing with his or her time to take note of the lame decorations plastered all along the starch white office walls, […]

How’s my driving Signs

Among the various creative pastimes invented in the least entertaining moments of my youth, the How’s My Driving activity had to have been the most brilliant. All throughout the drive to and fro High School, my friends and I would […]

Safe or Sorry Signs

If there were ever a specific commercial sign to spark one’s curiosity it’d be the infamous Do Not Enter signs that find themselves scattered in the most inconvenient locations all throughout our daily lives. As a child, I’d pass these […]

Signs at your feet

Spending even a relatively short period of time around an Australian will lead one to speedily discover the lack for comprehending sarcasm that seems to be inherent among the general public at that end of the globe. And whilst I […]

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