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Signs we were here

During my time spent living in Australia, on one of those days that seemed many moments passed the point of endless, a group of friends and I stumbled upon a most brilliant pastime, after spending many hours knee deep in […]

Signs to blow your mind

There are those who get it, and those who don’t. And then there are those like myself, whom appreciate, or else disregard. Should business advertisement signs be done intelligently, with vision, with humor; intentions will be rewarded, and goals will […]

Signs you’re in traffic

Should one ever merit spending their wee hours of a morning sitting in stand still traffic in an attempt to exit New York through the Holland Tunnel, creative attempts to keep one’s mind and body awake and present must certainly […]

Eyes on the sign

I find myself being constantly entertained by business signs. Witty ones, pretty ones, misplaced ones. There is no greater way for an advertiser to get his or her point across than through the use of eye catching billboard displays in […]

Food for thought signs

Teaching in a Sunday School located in a quaint little town in quiet New Jersey has always been a pleasant part of my weekend. Where else in the world would a person choose to personally volunteer to plant flowers in […]

Sign on its side

Among the road signs which captivate a driver’s attention for a period of time deemed longer than safe, are those which by some unfortunate fate got knocked upside down, serving as a source of confusion, and perhaps even the cause […]

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