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25 Popular Signs Improved Upon by the General Public

Beware! O’ ye bland and boring signs of earth. The people of this great world have spoken! They have risen up in heroic defiance of the gray tyranny of saturnine signs, and have begun their holy crusade of  humor, with […]

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Awesome Chalkboard Restaurant Signs

The essential humorlessness of your typical road or commercial sign has been well documented on this forum, and it has become somewhat of a personal crusade of mine to try and lighten the reputation of contemporary building signage by posting […]

dude chilling

Great Sign: “Dude Chilling Park”

It’s official name is Guelph Park, but it’s the new, unofficial name – “Dude Chilling Park” –  that is getting all the attention.  It all started back in 2012, when, unbeknownst to the local Park Board, artist and designer Viktor […]

5 of the World’s Most Famous Signs

There are signs and then there are signs.  These famous signs are both iconic and instantly recognizable as timeless representations of  modern culture. 1. Welcome to Las Vegas 2. Hollywood 3. Chicago Theatre 4. Route 66 5. Underground

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Funny Signs

The following is a small collection of some of the awesomely funny signs one might come across at any point, in any place and at any time. Most commercial signs are usually instructive or cautionary in someway (as they should […]

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Top Ten Funny Office Signs

When it comes to commercial signs of any kind, things can get pretty bland and boring  in a hurry, especially around some of the more “corporate” establishments who are looking to create a more “professional atmosphere” and foster a “serious […]

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