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Amusing Signs

Here at Eagle Master, we are re-creating the world of signage. Having done away with all of the out-dated, stiff, and uninteresting sign designs and content that flood the industry, Eagle Master works to create innovative and eye-catching graphics which […]

Signs on mugs

Over fifty percent of Americans drink coffee on the daily. That’s a whole lot of liquid needing to be contained. And since those many coffee drinkers must get their act together to purchase a hot cup, one might as well invest in a mug which can […]

Big Time Signs

Whilst Eagle Master Signs remains the master in the creation of impressive NYC business signs, office directories, and building graphics, one can still appreciate the craftsmanship in some of the world’s most famous signs, most of which were not able to receive the […]

Desert Signs

Should one ever experience the displeasure of travelling through one hundred plus degrees and miles worth of desert land during the hottest month of the Summer, he or she will find the tiniest of breezes and the skimpiest of shady branches […]

Foreign Signs

Spending the past few weeks traveling around the U.S and the world has really given me a deep appreciation for my native tongue, and for the simple ability of being able to read, write, and speak it fluently. And even more […]

Signs on Plates

Wednesday. The day on which we universally experience the mid-week blues. Arguably, Wednesdays are in close competition with Mondays, as many silently pray for the termination of both days amid our calendars each week. Out of the kindness of my […]

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