best sign ever

Best. Signs. Ever.

Pictured below is a collection of must see signs garnished from the web by means of advanced image indexing software (a.k.a google images) and sophisticated keyword-matching algorithmic protocols (um… the google search bar thingy). Our team of professional and experienced FSPE’s (funny sign picture experts) have determined that the images listed below ranked highest on their¬†advanced Multi-media sign-related LOL test meter, and elicited the greatest amount of head scratching and nose-picking when shown to the highly trained monkey’s in our most trusted focus group, all of which indicates the high level of funny-ness inherent within these signage graphics.

Without further ado, we present our findings of the Best. Signs. Ever. for your viewing pleasure.

Some are funny, some are clever and some are just plain ridiculous.

Take a look…

best underwear sign ever

best library sign ever

best tresspass sign ever

best city sign ever

best no discounts sign ever

best bar sign ever

best hiring sign ever

best fire exit sign ever

best zoo sign ever